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We are proud to present the beautiful portraiture project “Letting Go” adorning the big back windows at the 24/7 Photography Gallery by OCTAVIA HUNTER.


A small selection of these works will be up and ready for viewing in time for this First Friday’s Opening Reception this December 5th from 6-9:30, but Octavia will be hosting an additional opening upon her return soon afterwards. (TBA) She is currently on tour with the project, which she successfully funded through a Kickstarter this past summer.


I use my camera to document individuals as they go through their own process of  “Letting Go.”  Each participant brings with them an object that symbolically represents that which they are choosing to release from their lives.  Each session is unique to the individual, and the questions I ask are part of the process in helping the subject identify, communicate and let go in front of the camera.  Each person has a unique and powerful story that connects us to one another, and ultimately unearths the essence of what makes us human: our vulnerable yet resilient hearts.

My approach to each session is, grace, humor, contradiction and sorrow. Each experience is thus a unique and intimate one for each person to walk into; bringing a shift of consciousness from the obvious implications of what it means to hold onto a particular object, to what beauty and opportunity might be made available in one’s life by “Letting (it) Go?”

Participating subjects of the “Letting Go” portrait project will have any physical and emotional  experience documented of whatever they might be holding onto or releasing while going through the process.


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