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Artist Statement:  Noelle Barce

Epochal Void is a moment of time which is pure potential.  It is existing simultaneously in states of detachment and attachment to personal identity, which is a personal expression of our experience of time. My interest lies in that which exists outside of time.  This void is the state which precedes all creation.  By nature, it is abstract; we depend upon metaphor to describe it.  It is represented as the Fool card in the Tarot.  The Fool is numbered zero;  it is not completely nothing, but an emptiness awaiting fulfillment.  It is the dark, mercurial sea.

I’ve been told that we humans do not create from a void, but rather from chaos, from an amalgamation of environmental factors which surround us everyday of our lives.  The experience of void, of being outside of time and space, makes itself available through the creative impulse.  It is the ambiguous state of constantly becoming.  Even with this awareness, we cling to our money, possessions, territories, identities. Linear time is a construct which fuels the belief that our memories are historical, and that the future can somehow be controlled.   It is futile.

Much of my illustrative work employs iconic, mystical imagery, and figures involved in narrative cycles which depict a journey toward, and experience of, awakening.  My abstract work explores the concept of futility, of ordered systems and structures breaking down, geometric shapes and patterns falling into chaos.  I work mostly in ink, watercolor, colláge, and print, specifically etchings on copper, woodcut relief, and monotype.

 Show Opens at REDUX on April 4th and runs for two months through the end of May.  Opening Reception is 6-9:30 pm  on First Friday, April 4th.

For more information about commissions, collaborations & other projects, contact Noelle Barce:

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