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Drawing on a visual style influenced by classic fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and other old pulp sci-fi paperbacks, Adam Burke has come to create works that immediately stand out and are easily identifiable as his own.  He has done show posters, record album covers and many other commissioned paintings in watercolor or acrylic for many Pacific NW bands.

In his Own Words:

“As a kid, I was introverted, lost in dinosaur books, science magazines, my rock collection and the woods of the Pacific Northwest. To pass time, I’d sit down with a pencil and draw the things I loved, letting my imagination wander. This was a central focus of my young life, and a motivator for much of what I would explore as I grew up. I went to school for art, but as my adult responsibilities grew, I let drawing fall away, and spent less time in the woods. I told myself I’d return when I was older.

Things didn’t go quite as planned. Through a series of events, some beautiful, some heart-rending, all of them profound, I found myself fundamentally changed, and I knew I had to do what I loved. So I started drawing again. And painting again. And being in the woods. I let my imagination go where it would.

My work reflects a love of the natural world and a sense of wonder at the spectrum of possibility. But I also embrace harshness, strangeness and awfulness. Darkness/light/terror/beauty are a part of my art because I’ve had a taste of life’s polarities. A little boy’s imagination, thrown into the big world.”

For more information or custom work inquiries, go to his website Nightjar Illustration

Adam installs several of his original paintings at Redux in April/May with compatriot Noelle Barce.

Opening Reception is First Friday in April, 6-9:30pm on April 4th, 2014


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