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Help us celebrate Isabela’s incredible collection of oil paintings and graphite drawings entitled “Zoological Society ” this First Friday!

Opening Reception // December 4th 

// 6:00-9:30 //

Dance around the shop to live music by DJ RODOX!

Get your photo snapped at the Holiday Photo Booth set up by Party Cat!

Holiday snacks and warm adult beverages provided!

About The Artist

         I have been experimenting with the theme of anthropomorphic animals for several years. Although animals have been represented as people within the context of mythology and folklore for thousands of years, I feel as if I am discovering something new with each picture I create. I have always loved animals and I see them as characters with human qualities. When I was very young, I had countless stuffed animal toys but wanted nothing to do with human dolls whatsoever. Sometimes, even now, I feel I relate to animals better than humans and, very often, individuals in my dreams fluctuate between being people and animals. 

        I work with a wide variety of imagery including pictures from old books and magazines, anonymous found snapshots, as well as my own photographs. I explore themes concerning memory, dreams, time and place by combining various images from which I draw or paint. When I replace a person’s face with that of an animal, I am attempting to take a moment of time that is specific to that person and stretch it into an experience that is universal. The fact that there is an animal in the scene rather than a recognisable person hopefully makes it easier for the viewer to sympathise with the situation I am depicting. The substitution of the animal also helps to create a sense of timelessness as this process has the ability to transport the most contemporary of images into a world of mythology. For me, the world I depict in my drawings and paintings is my own personal parallel universe.

Below are a handful of her works that will be adorning the Redux gallery walls, stop by the shop to see the full show!