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OWL - Woodcut print, Oil-based ink on cotton rag paper, 13.75” x 10.5”, $120.00

Liv Rainey-Smith woodcut prints are up for you to check out! Her bold stroke style paired with a few prints that lean toward the darker side are perfect for this spookier time of year. Here is a bit about the artist and show:


Liv Rainey-Smith is an artist specializing in hand-pulled xylographic prints. Her imagery draws primarily upon historic styles, folklore, dreams, and esoteric traditions. Rainey-Smith’s woodcut process incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern tools as well as a blend of European and Japanese printmaking techniques. She prints her own fine art prints in small editions on both paper and animal parchment. Learn more about Liv and her amazing work here.


As an artist working in a medium which demands patience and foresight, I enjoy the challenge of tempering impulse with process. My approach to woodcut printmaking is an ever developing system of technical control and precision with space left for chance and chaos.

This ever changing form of balance is portrayed most acutely in my Iunges series, depictions of shifting forms suggested by the patterns in the wood they are carved from. These reduction prints, carved with minimal preparatory sketching, are moments of communication and revelation, to be grouped and paired as representations of harmonious discord.


RAINEY-SMITH’s stunning Xylographilia will be on display for the months of October and November.

The First Friday Opening Reception is

October 3rd from 6pm-9:30pm.

She will be in attendance and bringing merchandise (including fabulous refrigerator magnets!).


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