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Tasi Designs Jewelry is handmade by Taya Koschnick in lovely Portland, Oregon. It’s hands down our most popular line, which we have carried since 2007.  We currently have the largest retail selection of TASI in Portland.

In her words;

“I grew up making jewelry with my mom, an amazing jeweler and incredible business woman.  She’s been running Bead Paradise in my home state of Ohio for over 20 years now.  She taught me to treasure small things, to work hard at what I love, and to create things with care, one piece at a time.

Jewelry means so much when it’s handmade, when it can be passed down, and when it makes you feel beautiful every time you put it on.  That’s why I start with only the best materials – whether it be hand-cut natural gemstones, chains and components made from silver and gold vermeil, or one-of-a-kind vintage and antique treasures.  I carefully hand-patina (aka oxidize) each piece of silver.  I believe that a piece of jewelry is only as strong as its smallest component, so I make sure each bead is impeccable, each clasp is strong and easy to use, and each solder joint will stand up to the test of time”


From The Reliquary is an artisan jewelry line designed and constructed by Alex Ozers in Phoenix, AZ.

Alex is a former Portlander who embarked on the jewelry business several years ago, but really started full-time with his big move down south into a fabulous desert-oasis studio. He has mastered the art of combining hand wrought mixed metals with stone accents, incorporating pattern and patina into his pieces, giving them the ancient texture and distinctive quality we love.

Torch fired patinas give the works an antique presence. Distressed surfaces are conceived from a masterful use of hammers, a rolling mill, stamps & tools create a unique style that is all his own, his work is both timeless & contemporary and always authentic.



People say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that’s exactly the way Alchemy Goods got started. My messenger bag got stolen and I needed another one. But the perfect messenger bag eluded me.

There were always extra inner tubes lying around my apartment, and I realized that I could probably build the perfect bag out of stuff I already had. The first prototype was born on my home sewing machine. It wasn’t perfect, but it was exactly what I needed.

Soon, my friends wanted their own. Then local bike shops caught a glimpse and expressed interest. Each bag improved over the last. Thanks to my friends, demand grew and grew, which led to the founding of Alchemy Goods.

So to whoever it was that stole my bag…you were the inspiration for my imagination. Thank you.



Lumafina is a small line of jewelry and art objects designed by Hilary Alexander. Formed by a life-long addiction to jewelry-making (macaroni noodle necklaces anyone?) and traditional art practices, We design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment.  Lumafina comes from mixing a couple of our favorite words, Luminous and fine. Lumafina embraces the quirks and surprises of metalsmithing which make it such a grand line of work., We are slightly fascinated with shapes and draw upon them for inspiration and the creation of our lines. Evolving and exploring new mediums and techniques adds depth and a sense of the unexpected.  The ability to create is meant to be supremely joy-giving and grounding, and that is what we strive to reflect in our work.

Hilary Alexander hales from Portland, Oregon. Longing to work with her hands and see some of the designs in her sketchbook come to life, she decided to take a class on how to wield a torch and hammer without losing one’s hand (or burning the place down). She quickly fell in love with metalsmithing and has since launched lumafina, a successful jewelry line born in 2010. She lives on the outskirts of the city with her dear husband Aaron and wee boy Henry, where cooking, container gardens, pieces of art (Aaron is an illustrator and cartoonist) and baby-boy things thrive happily.


Mishakaudi is a collaboration of Marissa Lewis’ artistic and creative talents, her business experience and family history of jewelry making. Making jewelry and creating unique pieces that are affordable for everyone is her mission. Each piece is individually hand crafted in her workshop and is designed for the bohemian free spirit.  She takes inspiration from ancient cultures, tribal aesthetics and sacred geometry when she designs. She is a proud vegan, and does not use leather or feathers in any of her designs. Outside Mishakaudi, Marissa is a health and wellness advocate, living a healthy vegan lifestyle and enjoys Crossfit for fitness. Marissa resides in Spokane Valley, WA with her husband Lamar and their lovely daughters Jayli and Everly.

 Where did the name Mishakaudi come from? When Marissa was learning to talk as a small child, her mom would ask her what her name was and she would reply “Misha Kaudi Canoe”, which was her version of Marissa Kelly Mcandrew (her full name). Since then her family has always called her Mishakaudi, Misha or Mish for short, and it has stuck with her throughout her life. What more a fitting name than one originally manifested in the mind of a young child.. one that is open to all the creative energy and possibilites the world has to offer!


AMiRA jewelry began with a girl who loved to create.  Every moment of every day was devoted to making things….paintings, sculptures, necklaces, drawings…so many things of the creative pursuit.

AMiRA jewelry was founded by Amira Axe (nee Mednick), an artist and creator from Connecticut who uses macrame techniques learned while traveling and volunteering in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay to create unique pieces of body adornment.  Each piece is a work or art.  Each piece is thoughtfully created using metal work tools and techniques, stones, beads, fabrics, paints, and various other materials. All pieces are handmade with love and great creativity in Portland, Oregon.



We Like Rescuing Books…Each Attic Journal is a unique piece of the past that can hold important bits of your present. Using hard-bound vintage school books & library books that were destined for dumpsters, but given new life in our production studio, each journal is made to last with approximately 75 pages of blank 24# paper & a sturdy wire binding.

Attic Journals began on a sleepy Saturday morning in 2004 when we happened upon a beautiful tattered book at a garage sale. With an immediate need for having an original gift at a friend’s birthday celebration that evening, we headed home to re-purpose the book and Attic Journals were born.  In the years since that first Saturday, Attic Journals has evolved into a burgeoning business that works hard to be as sustainable as possible from our home in Portland, Oregon. By working with schools and libraries around the country to harvest their discarded books and upcycle them, the benefit of Attic Journals is three-fold: funding community education, keeping significant tonnage out of landfills, and helping people around the world tell their story.


When Ryan and Lucy Berkley opened Berkley Illustration in 2007, they didn’t know that nearly six years later they’d have 37,000 Etsy sales and be hired to make art for clients like Nike and Spoon. But that’s exactly what’s happened.

The Portland-based husband and wife duo have become well known in the blogosphere and beyond for their vibrant, friendly portraits of animals wearing classic attire, influenced by their love of turn-of-the-century and old western photography. Ryan is the crazy talented self-taught artist and Lucy is the storywriter/customer services/computery person behind the scenes. (Lucy writes the bios so she’s allowed to be so boastful about Ryan’s talents!)



Cult jewelry and accessories brand Annika Inez began in 2000 as an intimate retail shop (Formerly named by boe) on the upper east side of Manhattan, which also served as Annika’s workshop. The designer’s scandanavian roots and diverse creative experiences – including interior design studies at Parsons and an apprenticeship with a couture dressmaker in Dubai – immediately yielded something altogether provocative and new in the contemporary jewelry market. Along with Annika’s uncommon take on architectural and nature-inspired pendants, cuffs, and earrings quickly gained attention. Soon after opening their boutique, Annika Inez began to expand with a larger retail outpost in Soho and the establishment of a new wholesale jewelry business. Each season’s limited-run designs have become collectors’ items among Annika Inez enthusiasts. Popular with the fashion and style media, Annika Inez is constantly being worn by celebrities, and continues to be a favorite with fashion editors at magazines around the world with every new season. Annika Inez’s jewelry is designed and handmade in their NYC studio using 14-kt gold-filled, sterling silver and a mix of new and vintage materials from around the world.


“I, (Bethany Shorb) was born in Boston, raised an hour from New York City
and now call Detroit, Michigan home. I’m proud of and love my adopted city
of 16 years. I’m happy to see young artists and entrepreneurs making it a
viable home-base for a new wave of independent, sustainable manufacturing
and I’m proud to be able to give a leg up to some young artists via time
in my studio.

I received a BFA from Boston University and my MFA from Cranbrook Academy
of Art – although both concentrations were in sculpture, somehow making
“Ties That Don’t Suck” has taken over my life! In my not-so-spare time, I
still explore studio art work, fashion, graphic design, photography,
multimedia and music. I have a minor (ok, major) obsession with cats.”

Cyberoptix’s hand screened neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarves,
and ascots are proudly made by skilled hands, not robots!


“I grew up on a farm in western North Carolina. I spent many afternoons there collecting little odds and ends that I found on our land like bird nests, feathers, interesting clumps of dirt, moss, leaves, bones, fur, twigs, bugs, and other tiny things. I continue that tradition of collecting and gathering in my paintings and line of resin jewelry today.  My work combines painted scenes and organic found ephemera with resin. Each piece is individually hand painted with toothpicks, brushes, and pens, embedded in thick layers of resin, then cut and polished into delicate, dreamlike 3-D landscapes populated by birds, bears, foxes and other creatures. 

I also really like and am often inspired by:  Birds and ornithology, dioramas, road trips, trails, botany, reliquaries, old maps, iconography, miniatures, landscapes, weather, tea, snow, tundra, autumn, dirt, ancient history, old-fashioned things, relics, owl pellets, old photos, geology, small mammals, the Puget Sound, dreams, Indian art, and fires


Larissa Loden designs for women that aren’t afraid to express themselves. They are strong and fearless, interested in history and love to dress up. She is inspired by stories behind the pieces and those wearing them, and feeds off seeing her jewelry complete a look.  Vintage meets modern in Larissa’s eco-friendly collection. Most components used are deadstock, which means they were made to be sold long ago but missed their chance. Traveling across the US and Europe, Larissa explores the depths of flea markets and deadstock warehouses to find cameos, switchblades and lockets. She gives these vintage treasures a new opportunity to shine by transforming them into modern, edgy jewelry.


pronounced EL > A > ESS.  We are Daniel and Lisa Soltis, a sculptor and a painter. We love faith, creatures and science, details, old things, and when the 2-d and 3-d worlds collide, thus LAS JEWELRY.  We want our pieces to become something to someone, to be a keepsake, a piece of art that might be passed down through families, to outlast trends or seasons, to really be seen as wearable sculptures.  Inspiration comes from science, anatomy, scavenging, vintage text and children’s books, strange creatures, and our ever-changing life in SoCal.