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Redux is pleased to announce our newest upcoming First Friday Featured Artist, Jessie Fox-Nystrom! Jessie’s fun and funny illustrations of hybridized animal creatures will be on display April 1st through the end of May. The artist will be in attendance to chat and answer questions during the Eastside First Friday Art Walk. Come help us celebrate her work, drink wine and eat snacks! We’re excited to see you!

Opening Reception:

6-9:30 pm, April 3rd, 2015


Jessie Fox-Nystrom is a Portland-based illustrator. Born in San Francisco, she moved to Portland in 2005 to study fine art. She gravitates towards subject matter that is witty, provocative, biting, playful, and humorous. Her “Whatif Critters” have been her most popular series of work to date, selling successfully in a handful of loyal Portland retail locations. After a 3 year hiatus from all art endeavors, Jessie began creating while working in a residential treatment facility for drug addicted adolescents. Her caseload was especially fond of ridiculous animal mash-ups. She learned to translate the kids’ imaginings onto paper as means of building rapport, and hasn’t stopped drawing since. Jessie’s full portfolio, bio, and contact info is available online on her website: