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Portland artist IAN ANDERSON’S lush, surrealist works are often highly detailed, intimate works in gouache and graphite or charcoal. With this show he will unveil a new group of black and white illustrations.

His themes visualize chaos, conflicts and disorder inherent in life as a means in gaining insight into the nature of beings and their complex interactions.
He explains, “… Dualistic narratives take shape [and] opposing forces are typically revealed: Life and death, good and evil, man and beast, predator and prey, war and peace. These dreamlike and often nightmarish fables reflect an outward and subconscious view of man and his destructive role in this world. Through this lens, my own place in these mostly impossible scenarios can be triangulated, and I am on my way to resolving the confrontation and understanding the need for such destruction.”

Check out these original works up close and personal, on display for two months at REDUX, in June & July, 2014. 
Opening Reception is First Friday, June 6th from 6-9:30pm.
811 E. Burnside st #110


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