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a group benefit show this First Friday in October/November 2017

It is with great pleasure that Redux announces our upcoming benefit group show entitled “FELINE FAMILIARS”. This show will be in appreciation of felines, and will recognize black cats in particular, with half of the proceeds benefitting CAT, (the Cat Adoption Team) a feline only no-kill shelter in Sherwood, OR.

We are honored to make this announcement on Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th, and encourage folks to visit the CAT website for more information on how to adopt black cats with no fees today!

*Thanks to Jenna Barton for use of your image for show promotion!

A bit about the show:
The theme and title concept harkens back to a time when witches were thought to keep black cats as their “familiars”. Unfortunately this has created a superstition in modern-day society that associates black cats as “unlucky” and thus has had a significant impact on the adoptability of black cats. We hope to raise awareness on the topic, as well as have fun with the obvious playful potential in doing a cat themed show. We also hope artists will rise to the challenge of retaining the dark and moody feel of the October/November time-frame within their pieces, as well.
For this 2-month show, an opening reception will be held 6-9pm at Redux Gallery on October 6th, and the show will run through the end of November, 2017.

We will also have a photobooth by PARTY CAT EVENTS, a Portland based photobooth featuring handmade backdrops and props. you better believe there is gonna be some adorable Halloween and black cat themed props for this one!

We have 37 participants all creating at least one piece for the show, the majority are based in the Pacific NW. the following show links to their online presence as well as their Instagram handle:

Agnes Hamilton
Alea Bone @aleabone
Alex Fletcher @Paleocat
Alicia Justus @theamazingjustus
Amelia Opie @threepawprints
Apaki (Ayumi, Aaron & Aki)@apakstudio
Beth Myrick  @yeahrightokay
Brent Wear @brentwear / @fancy_mammal
Casey Capell @wolfteacreations
Cate Anevski @beeskneesindustries
Dominic De Venuta @kungfutoast
Eling Chang @elingeling
Emily Brown @birdmafia
Emily Small  @beetleinkco
Heidi Elise Wirz @heidielisewirz
Isabela Fawn @fawnisabela
Jesse Reno @jessereno
Jessie Fox-Nystrom @whatifcreations
Kendra Binney @kendra_binney
Kevin Cascell  @kcascellcollage
Kirsten Moore @piperewan / @fancy_mammal
Lea Barozzi @leabarozzi
Michele Maule  @michelemaule
Mike Wellins @peculiarium
Miranda L. Tarrow @mrrranda
Morgaine Faye @morgaine_faye
Nanette Wallace @nanettewallace
Paige Cambern @redbird_props
Pamela Davis @pameladavis333
Renee Staeck @renazerbean
Shana Lee Hampton @shanaleehampton
Shawn Hampton @8bit0
Stephanie Brockway @stephaniebrockway
Susan Freedman @susan.freedman
Tera Stenzel @terastenzel
Tripper Dungan @tripperd
Wendi Anderson @wanderingwonton


(posted regularly now until showtime on our Instagram and Facebook pages.)

RSVP for the event on Facebook here!

A bit about the benefit:
Half of the total proceeds shall go towards the benefit. Redux will donate at least half of it’s portion as well as many of the participating artists.

The mission of the CAT adoption team is to save the lives of homeless, unwanted, sick, and injured cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats.

Currently they achieve this mission by
• Providing shelter, medical care, evaluation, and treatment to cats who have become homeless
• Finding homes for the cats and kittens in our care
• Providing people who care for cats with resources, education, and support to help keep human-animal bonds strong and prevent cats from becoming homeless
• Offering low-cost spay/ neuter services to cat owners in need to prevent the births of unwanted litters
• Working closely with other animal organizations to implement projects and programs that positively impact cats at a community and regional level


//First Friday Group Show //

Girls of Summer: Art Inspired by Love

Alea Bone

Stephanie Brockway

Heide Davis

We are so excited for this months First Friday Featured Group Show,

Girls of Summer: Art Inspired By Love”

This collective show features the work of three incredible local artists who specialize in mixed media, painting and creative repurposing.

There will be prints available as well as amazing original creations fashioned from wood, metal, paint and canvas.

Don’t miss this inspiring  two and 3-D imagery from Portland’s own female power-trio!

Stop by the shop on opening night to COOL OFF in our fabulous A/C (brrrr!!!) and set your eyes on some amazing art,

schmooze with your friends at the ‘Dux and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack on us!

Stephanie’s words:
As an Artist who carves wood and paints. I’m part anthropologist, part collector.

I don’t set out to recycle or upcycle, as much as I can hold an object and see possibilities. I’m driven to build or create something where there once was nothing.. A common thread is unexpected colors or materials. I am easily bored, if I’m not challenging or pushing myself. Creating a problem that needs solving.
My paintings are loose, layered bold colors and brush strokes
The worn discarded fragments , used for many years, layers of paint telling their story. It’s exciting to see what emerges. Wood carving is a subtractive medium; unforgiving. Each piece of wood is a bit of a mystery, with different grains and ages, each presenting the challenge I crave.
I strive for craftsmanship and try to elevate the forgotten, into an heirloom.
My style is primitive, naive with touches of urban, destruction and decay creeping in.
I seek simplicity, in a world that is too often mass produced and violated

–Stephanie Brockway
BoneWerx by Alea Bone is mixed-media assemblage art made from found objects and upcycled materials.
What started as an Eco-conscious effort to rescue cast off ephemera from gutters and landfills, has
grown into an exploration of the stories that discarded objects have to tell, specifically: Bottle caps.
The aim is to elevate unexpected materials and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane,
high brow and outsider art. It is my intention to create an edgy and irreverent version of a new American folk art.

Heide Davis is a painter living in Portland, Oregon.

She is originally from Houston, TX where she attended the Art Institute of Houston and Glassell School of Art, MFAH.

Her work as a specialty finisher and muralist has influenced her use of materials and encouraged experimentation in mixed media.

She is currently using Acrylic and oils to create abstract landscapes and figurative work.




Light Fuse and Fly Away: Crows Playing With Fire

Collaborative Works by Brent Wear + Kirsten Moore



// First Friday Opening Reception //

June 2nd, 6:00-9:00PM



Fancy Mammal is an alias for the covert collaborations of artists Kirsten Moore and Brent Wear. Brent and Kirsten met over a decade ago when they both had studios at a freaky art collective known as the Egg. They became fast friends, and soon started collaborating on clothing pieces. Over time they started  to veer into the realm of 2d art pieces. They eventually realized that their strengths could be combined by utilizing Kirsten’s ability to make intricate, detailed drawings and Brent’s knack for painting lush, surreal landscapes to make charming and mysterious works of art. So Fancy Mammal was born, and continues to evolve as Brent and Kirsten continually trudge with their collaborative works back and forth between their respective homes in Southeast Portland; usually followed by a crow or two.


Brent Wear was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been living in the Portland area for the past 18 years. He studied art and illustration at Parsons School of design in New York and the University of Kansas. While living in Portland, he has had many solo and group shows, and has become known for his brightly coloured paintings of whimsical creatures in odd situations. In the past several years Brent has been exploring the realm of abstract painting, along with collaborative works with artist Kirsten Moore. In his free time Brent likes to ride bikes, chase trains, and make friends with crows.

Kirsten Moore is the proprietress of Piper Ewan, a fashion design and now illustration company in Portland, Oregon. She started in 2013 drawing a bird a day to hone her drawing skills to possibly translate to surface designs on corsets for her fashion design business. The project was supposed to last a year. Since then illustration has taken over her life. Kirsten moved to Portland when she was 6 months old, and has lived here ever since. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Music from Portland State University in 1995. In her spare time, she pets cats, talks to crows and knits piles of shawls.

Find more of their work and follow what they’re up to below!

Instagram: @fancy_mammal – @piperewan – @brentwear

Twitter: @brentwear – @piperewan


Redux is pleased to present our next First Friday Featured Show


A Modern Macrame Exhibition

Michelle Blomstedt

Opening Reception

April 7th, 2017

6:00PM – 9:30PM


Featuring Work by Local Artists:

Brooke Anderson

Terra Blakely

Michelle Blomstedt 

Emily Katz

Audra Osborne

Rachael Perisho


Curated by Audra Osborne, this exhibition showcases the rediscovery and modernization of the ancient art of macrame. We are so excited to exhibit these gorgeously detailed fiber art pieces at Redux in conjunction with First Friday and our Grand Reopening in our new and spacious shop! This is going to be a super special opening reception because we will also be celebrating our big move – only a few doors down from the shop we’ve been in for the past 11 years! There will be live music by DJ BLACKBARS, a photobooth by Party Cat, wine, snacks, and a general good time! Come party with us!


Redux is pleased to present our next First Friday Featured Artist


Opening Reception

February 3rd, 2017

6:00PM – 9:30PM

We are excited to showcase the sculptural works by amazing local artist, Tera Stenzel! Tera creates delightfully weird and funky sculptures she calls “Mushroom People”, and they are just that. Each mushroom sculpture has different facial features and characteristics and are named oh so appropriately to match their persona.


Tera Stenzel’s Mushroom People first appeared in the 2015 Magic & Mystery Show at Manzanita’s Hoffman Center for the Arts. Stenzel says, “Mushrooms are an amazing part of our ecosystem; they keep everything in balance. There are no two mushrooms alike,much like humans, so maybe we’re not so different after all. Through humor and whimsy, Stenzel asks the world: “Couldn’t we use a bit more magic in our lives?”


I am a self-taught artist from the Midwest; I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 10 years ago and I’ve been in love ever since.

Life, nature and humor have always influenced my art. I gravitate more towards the three dimensional. I like creating something that has mass and life to it–a piece you can look at and think up endless storylines for.

I work with a range of mediums, including: acrylic paint, raw wool, yarn… old siding from a house. I like repurposing discarded materials and try to incorporate them as much as possible. I use Sculpey for all sculpted work, but don’t use molds so each piece has its own personality.

Ever since I was little I liked making things. I just want to create and if people find joy in what I do, then gravy.

Check out her website to see more of her work!


Redux is pleased to present:

// Renee Staeck //

First Friday Featured Artist December-January

//Opening Reception//

December 2nd, 2016


Renee Staeck

SEEK, gouache and graphite on paper, 11×14″

Please join us for artist reception of “In Search Of…”, paintings by Portland artist Renee Staeck! Renee’s work is dreamy, etherial and yet rooted in reality – a beautiful juxtaposition we are excited to showcase. Named after Leonard Nimoy’s 1970s television series that examined a spectrum of mysterious phenomena, IN SEARCH OF… illustrates imagined acts of exploration into esoteric mysteries. Each piece portrays a form of participation in occult practices, such as magic, spiritualism, alchemy, and divination. Check out her website to see more of her incredible work!


Renee Staeck is a mixed-media artist and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She received a BFA in Fine Art/Drawing from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (Milwaukee, WI) in 2003, and has been working artist ever since.

Renee’s illustrative work varies from art nouveau and Persian miniature-inspired vignettes to abstract landscapes. Drawing most of her influence from the “hidden” beauty, mystery, and humor that underlies everyday life, Renee creates images that often leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

Renee Staeck

Summon, gouache, graphite, and gold leaf on paper, 11×14″


Redux is pleased to present:


An Art Installation by Casey+Bryan of WolfTea

First Friday Featured Artists October-November

//Opening Reception//

October 7th, 2016


Casey and Bryan are mixed media artists working with found and repurposed objects. Each object, whether its a skull, bits of metal, antique beads, or thrifted frames and tins, becomes a new precious entity honoring it’s original form. These pieces will be displayed for two months as an installation in our front window and on our gallery walls. We could not be more stoked for this exhibition, which will be just in time for Halloween! Stop by the shop opening night during the First Friday Art Walk for some seriously spooky art and the meet the artists behind this incredible work!




Wolftea is a small business working out of our tiny home within the damp woodlands of Washington. We are a husband and wife duo and have been running our little business together for the last 3 years. 

Our work is meant to bring a new life, a new perspective to materials and items that may otherwise become overlooked or forgotten, lost an abandoned. We strive to keep most all of our materials secondhand and salvaged, meaning they all come from a variety of places. 

Bones and animal remains are collected from ethical and secondhand sources from roadkill to nature finds,  from bone dumps to garage sales.  90% of beads and mismatched findings are reclaimed from old broken jewelry,  found objects, barter, thrift shops, garage sales,flea markets and gifts. We also hand-make a portion on our beads and charms from clay, wood, bone and scrap metals. Fabrics and leathers are collected from old found coats, thrift shops,  free boxes, secondhand craft stores, garage sales, trades,gifts, left overs from other crafters and scrap bins. Feathers are obtained from molting birds to small family farms, from found feathers in our coop to secondhand thrift stores.  

The reason behind using salvaged materials is that each bead, each bone or each charm has its own history to contribute both aesthetically and energetically.  As you wear,display or gift these creations to new homes, you are enriching the history already embedded within. 

We hope our work brings inspiration to you<3 

Visit their website to see more amazing work, and make sure to stop by the shop for an amazing show!





Opening Reception // August 5th // 6:00-9:30



We are stoked to announce our next featured artist – Portland artist Jason Greene! We’ll be showcasing some of his new drawings and paintings focusing on beautifying seemingly mundane objects. Check back here for updates on the show and on his website to see more of his incredible work!

Tuesday in a bottleYellow Chair


Jason Greene is an artist, musician, toy-maker, and tinkerer. Raised in Mississippi, he has been living in Portland for the past 16 years. During that time, he’s had several solo exhibitions and been a part of many group shows. Much of his work has appeared as public art throughout the city of Portland as well as in Los Angeles. Leaning away from his most recent business, Board Games, which recycled skateboards into toys such as slingshots and yoyos, he is putting more energy back into painting and drawing. His artwork often centers around the beauty of seemingly mundane objects and the expressive play of line and form.








Redux is pleased to present these amazing encaustic mixed media pieces by Portland artist Susan Freedman! Help us celebrate her work at her opening reception during the First Friday Art Walk!

//JUNE 3RD 2016//

//6:00pm – 9:30pm//


Susan Freedman was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Portland state university and began work in graphic design, but has always created fine art as well. She has worked in encaustic for over 15 years and has shown her work in galleries and shops throughout Portland.

Encaustic is mix of beeswax, resin and pigment which is heated until it’s in a liquid form. The resin in the mixture raises the melting temperature of the wax, which helps to prevent it from melting in heat once the artwork has cooled.

Encaustic is incredibly versatile; it can be polished to a high gloss, carved, scraped, layered, collaged, dipped, cast, modeled, sculpted, textured, and combined with oil. Because It cools immediately there is no drying time, yet it can always be reworked. it’s like drawing, painting and sculpting all at once.

Check out more of her work on her website, or in the shop!


Redux is excited to announce our next First Friday Featured Artist



APRIL 1ST // 6:00-9:30


Rachael Perisho, "Hair-Kate and Baxter"

We are so excited to have Rachael’s incredibly gorgeous and intricate ink + graphite drawings adorn the Redux walls for April and May! Stop by the opening this First Friday for an awesome show, to meet the artist, and to have a few snacks and drinks on us!

Rachael Perisho is an artist and illustrator living in Portland. She received a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. Her work centers around ideas of memory, sentimentality, longing and manipulating  “the gaze”. She is interested in the push and pull between states of intimacy and inaccessibility, and the relationship between ambivalence and desire. Visit her website to see more of her beautiful work!



Redux is pleased to present incredible original works by Portland artist Alea Bone for a special Valentine’s Weekend art opening!

//OPENING RECEPTION – FEB 12TH 6:00-9:30//



Under the name BoneWerx, Alea creates mixed-media assemblage art from found objects and upcycled materials. Vintage beer cans, scavenged bottle caps and reclaimed denim, leather and velvet are transformed into unexpected combinations. Inspired by the alternative sub-cultural aesthetics of Day of the Dead, Voodoo, Punk and Beer, she blurs the lines between the sacred and the profane, high brow and outsider art. The result is her own edgy and irreverent version of a new American folk art.

What started as an Eco-conscious effort to rescue cast off materials from gutters and landfills, has grown into an exploration into the stories that found objects have to tell. Besides a plentiful availability, beer cans and bottle caps specifically have emerged as a featured element in Bonewerx.

Alea and her husband moved to PDX in 1995 from Yosemite National Park so she could pursue a degree from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. They chose Portland, in large part because even then, it was an emerging Mecca for beer lovers. Hops grow in the Bone family yard, and they never miss the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. Alea saw ‘Beer Art’ as a huge opportunity that hadn’t been tapped yet and the perfect way to combine her interests.

Usually considered mundane, metal pieces bearing their original maker’s logos, Alea saw a kitschy charm in the cans/caps. It soon became apparent that when elevated into creative compositions, they took on a deeper significance as people started sharing their personal stories with her. Whether you are a part of it or not, beer culture and the role it plays in our individual histories is something we can all identify with and relate to on some level. The memories connected to old beer labels tend to evoke nostalgia for simpler times, youthful rebellion, old bands, fishing buddies and pool games that got out of hand in dive bars. Perhaps it’s the brand your grandpa always had on hand or the beer you shoplifted when underage, just to see if it tasted as bad as everyone said it did, beer, in one way or another is a part of our collective consciuosness.

Objects themselves cannot tell us their own stories. It is our memories, (our secrets) that breathe life into them and give them value. It is the aim of Bonewerx to stir up a few of those stories for you.

We’re so excited to hang her new work, and to share it with you all just in time for V-Day!




Help us celebrate Isabela’s incredible collection of oil paintings and graphite drawings entitled “Zoological Society ” this First Friday!

Opening Reception // December 4th 

// 6:00-9:30 //

Dance around the shop to live music by DJ RODOX!

Get your photo snapped at the Holiday Photo Booth set up by Party Cat!

Holiday snacks and warm adult beverages provided!

About The Artist

         I have been experimenting with the theme of anthropomorphic animals for several years. Although animals have been represented as people within the context of mythology and folklore for thousands of years, I feel as if I am discovering something new with each picture I create. I have always loved animals and I see them as characters with human qualities. When I was very young, I had countless stuffed animal toys but wanted nothing to do with human dolls whatsoever. Sometimes, even now, I feel I relate to animals better than humans and, very often, individuals in my dreams fluctuate between being people and animals. 

        I work with a wide variety of imagery including pictures from old books and magazines, anonymous found snapshots, as well as my own photographs. I explore themes concerning memory, dreams, time and place by combining various images from which I draw or paint. When I replace a person’s face with that of an animal, I am attempting to take a moment of time that is specific to that person and stretch it into an experience that is universal. The fact that there is an animal in the scene rather than a recognisable person hopefully makes it easier for the viewer to sympathise with the situation I am depicting. The substitution of the animal also helps to create a sense of timelessness as this process has the ability to transport the most contemporary of images into a world of mythology. For me, the world I depict in my drawings and paintings is my own personal parallel universe.

Below are a handful of her works that will be adorning the Redux gallery walls, stop by the shop to see the full show!




Help us celebrate this coming First Friday with original designs in handcut paper by BIRD MAFIA to adorn our walls for two months this summer!

Opening Reception // June 5th, 2015

The show will be up for your viewing pleasure for 2 months, through June and July.

Working under the name Bird Mafia, paper cut artist Emily Brown draws inspiration from the beauty in nature and her travels to create meticulously cut lines and textures in her hand-cut paper art. Each image is hand-drawn and hand-cut with an xacto knife (no lasers, no stencils, no die cut, no joke.)

We are excited to exhibit these original shadowboxed pieces, which feature layer upon layer of intricate paper cuts. In person, these works illustrate the dimensionality of carefully layered scenes to illustrate a new way of imagining a window into the natural world. We also already carry her beautiful pillows in the shop, which are silkscreened on cotton flour-sack towels, and feature many of her detailed animal images.

Emily’s work has been featured in a variety of publications including the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Dwell and Design Sponge.

In her words:

“Many years ago my husband started making stencils. Shortly after, his xacto knife disappeared. I fell deeply in love with creating cut paper art. To this day he still can’t seem to hold on to his own xacto knife.

When building this love of cut paper into a business, I began using my papercuts to make screens for printing. Each bird mafia design starts as a papercut. Each design is cut out of paper, burned on to a screen and then printed. About two years ago, (with a little push from some very good friends and my lovely husband) I started selling my artwork alongside my printed items.

I find inspiration in the forests of northern California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as their coasts and cities I love to explore.”




Redux is pleased to present our October/November featured artist Sandy Peraza, aka; CHAPIES! These dark, mystical paintings will bring you into a new dimension with their reverence for surreal, suspended forms elevated in the darkness.  Her paintings often incorporate shades of pink an grey which pop in contrast against the blackness all around, metaphorically elevating objects out of their mundane contexts and into one celebrated, central focus. In support of breast cancer awareness and in honor of her favorite painting instructor who is a survivor, she has devoted her color palate accordingly.  These beautiful, original works will be adorning the walls of Redux in early October *just* in time for Halloween!



OCTOBER 2nd, 2015



Sandy Peraza is a self taught Portland based artist. She grew up on a small island off the Eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico before she made the move to the Pacific Northwest, where her adventure into art-making began. 



Redux is pleased to announce our newest upcoming First Friday Featured Artist, Jessie Fox-Nystrom! Jessie’s fun and funny illustrations of hybridized animal creatures will be on display April 1st through the end of May. The artist will be in attendance to chat and answer questions during the Eastside First Friday Art Walk. Come help us celebrate her work, drink wine and eat snacks! We’re excited to see you!

Opening Reception:

6-9:30 pm, April 3rd, 2015



Jessie Fox-Nystrom is a Portland-based illustrator. Born in San Francisco, she moved to Portland in 2005 to study fine art. She gravitates towards subject matter that is witty, provocative, biting, playful, and humorous. Her “Whatif Critters” have been her most popular series of work to date, selling successfully in a handful of loyal Portland retail locations. After a 3 year hiatus from all art endeavors, Jessie began creating while working in a residential treatment facility for drug addicted adolescents. Her caseload was especially fond of ridiculous animal mash-ups. She learned to translate the kids’ imaginings onto paper as means of building rapport, and hasn’t stopped drawing since. Jessie’s full portfolio, bio, and contact info is available online on her website:




We are happy to announce that artist Lea Barozzi will be showing her work here at Redux August-September 2015. Her first friday opening will be August 7th.

Get to know Lea’s work:

Lea Barozzi is an American artist whose work has shown in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Scotland, and Germany among other places. She is currently represented by The Dream Factory and is a member of the Bad Apple Artist Collective. Her illustrations have been featured on surfboards, skateboards, cd covers, books, jewelry, and apparel.

Lea Barozzi’s subject matter juxtaposes innocent doll-like maidens with distorted natural imagery and psychological symbolism. When she is not covered in paint, she enjoys exploring the Oregon coast, listening to punk rock, and beating her husband at video games. She currently lives in Portland with her husband, her boy, and her pets. You can view Lea’s work at


Below are her beautiful pieces we will be featuring, and we can’t wait to see this detailed work in person! In the mean time, head over to her website for more gorgeous work.

Be sure to pencil in August 7th into your calendars now – this is a show you won’t want to miss!


We are proud to present the beautiful portraiture project “Letting Go” adorning the big back windows at the 24/7 Photography Gallery by OCTAVIA HUNTER.


A small selection of these works will be up and ready for viewing in time for this First Friday’s Opening Reception this December 5th from 6-9:30, but Octavia will be hosting an additional opening upon her return soon afterwards. (TBA) She is currently on tour with the project, which she successfully funded through a Kickstarter this past summer.


I use my camera to document individuals as they go through their own process of  “Letting Go.”  Each participant brings with them an object that symbolically represents that which they are choosing to release from their lives.  Each session is unique to the individual, and the questions I ask are part of the process in helping the subject identify, communicate and let go in front of the camera.  Each person has a unique and powerful story that connects us to one another, and ultimately unearths the essence of what makes us human: our vulnerable yet resilient hearts.

My approach to each session is, grace, humor, contradiction and sorrow. Each experience is thus a unique and intimate one for each person to walk into; bringing a shift of consciousness from the obvious implications of what it means to hold onto a particular object, to what beauty and opportunity might be made available in one’s life by “Letting (it) Go?”

Participating subjects of the “Letting Go” portrait project will have any physical and emotional  experience documented of whatever they might be holding onto or releasing while going through the process.




Michele Maule is our next featured artist at Redux, showing her original works in our main gallery from Dec 1st-Jan 31st.  


The Opening Reception is from 6-9:30 pm on First Friday, Dec 5th, so swing on by, meet the artist and share a sip and a nibble with us!

Biography: Michele Maule received a degree in art from Portland State University in 2005 and has since become a full-time artist working in Portland, Oregon. She loves creating in a variety of different mediums including gouache, ink, etching and printmaking. The themes she explores in her work often include where we live, how we live, outdated forms of communication and Pacific Northwest native animals. She is interested in the human impact on our environment and the speed at which our technology advances and strives to express her contemplation of the ever changing landscape around us through her work. She has been exhibited extensively in Portland OR, as well as in Detroit, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and New York.

Statement: This series of work explores alternative housing ideas. The past several years we’ve been seeing a huge boom in very large, expensive houses, in many of our affordable neighborhoods in Portland. Small houses on large lots are being torn down to make room for two 3-4 story houses in the same space. Often these houses tower over the rest of the block. They’re made quickly and from materials that are not of the same quality of many of the surrounding homes.

My tree house illustrations are based on the idea of living small, building a shelter yourself, out of recycled materials in a space where a person is within their environment. I imagine myself reading, making tea and doing my daily chores in these little homes. I know that logistically speaking, many of these houses would not work, but I love the idea of ‘What if?’

The rest of this series explores the simple beauty in nature. Moths, the butterflies ugly cousin, is represented in several of my pieces. I loved exploring the different patterns, colors and shapes that occur in  their soft, velvety wings.

And feathers are the last piece to this series. I often find them while walking my dog and pick them up. Each line that is drawn, each color that is painted helps me to center myself. They’re so simple but full of many colors and lines.




OWL - Woodcut print, Oil-based ink on cotton rag paper, 13.75” x 10.5”, $120.00

Liv Rainey-Smith woodcut prints are up for you to check out! Her bold stroke style paired with a few prints that lean toward the darker side are perfect for this spookier time of year. Here is a bit about the artist and show:


Liv Rainey-Smith is an artist specializing in hand-pulled xylographic prints. Her imagery draws primarily upon historic styles, folklore, dreams, and esoteric traditions. Rainey-Smith’s woodcut process incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern tools as well as a blend of European and Japanese printmaking techniques. She prints her own fine art prints in small editions on both paper and animal parchment. Learn more about Liv and her amazing work here.


As an artist working in a medium which demands patience and foresight, I enjoy the challenge of tempering impulse with process. My approach to woodcut printmaking is an ever developing system of technical control and precision with space left for chance and chaos.

This ever changing form of balance is portrayed most acutely in my Iunges series, depictions of shifting forms suggested by the patterns in the wood they are carved from. These reduction prints, carved with minimal preparatory sketching, are moments of communication and revelation, to be grouped and paired as representations of harmonious discord.


RAINEY-SMITH’s stunning Xylographilia will be on display for the months of October and November.

The First Friday Opening Reception is

October 3rd from 6pm-9:30pm.

She will be in attendance and bringing merchandise (including fabulous refrigerator magnets!).



Cartography is the art of mapmaking that combines science and aesthetics. Woodmapping creates beautiful handcrafted objects using both modern and traditional techniques. Each wood map starts with locally sourced woods, selected for its rich color and grain. The map graphics are composed to marry with the wood characteristics and laser engraved multiple times to create depth and texture. A contrasting wood species is  inlayed by hand to represent bodies of water and then each piece is hand sanded and finished. The first series of maps “Willamette River Series A” depicts the Willamette River as it meanders through the heart of Portland.

Don Lee is a local artist, architect and inventor who started Woodmapping to as a creative outlet, “I love the immediacy and tactile process of woodworking”.



Don Lee’s beautifully detailed woodmapping pieces will adorn the Redux gallery walls for a full two months running from February 6th through March 31st 2015. Join us for the opening reception during the Eastside First Friday Art Walk on February 6th from 6pm-9:30pm, snacks and beverages will be provided!


Mary Tapogna moved to Portland from Cincinnati, Ohio 24 years ago. She received a BFA from the Cincinnati Art Academy in Photography, and has since exhibited her work all over the country. Her mosaics are hand fabricated using a variety of found and discarded materials (most often, tiles and glass) combined with the underlayment of imagery. The final result derives from the intuitive placement and layering of these materials and images.

This past year has been filled with several significant events for Mary. She recently completed a large scale 17 ft. tall mosaic that adorns the outdoor chimney at Fire on the Mountain, at 57th and Fremont. This epic project took 4 months from start to finish, and was created on site. It is an abstract, vibrant, and inspired textural representation of a fire and it’s sparks.

Recently she also completed her first residency at The Catamount Arts Center in St. Johnsbury, Vermont at the recommendation of friend, Vermonter and singer, Neko Case. The residency involved teaching middle school children, and creating a public art piece for the Art Center’s front grounds. Mary exhibited her work there in the Art Center’s gallery, made many new friends, and fell in love with Vermont.

Last fall Mary was forced to move from her rented studio/storefront space after ten years of contributing to that community’s identity with her brick and mortar store, Hail Mary. It was a disruptive change for her and her business, but a necessary one. Working from her home studio, she is in the midst of a large commission making several lamps and a window for a medical marijuana clinic.

Her work can be seen today in fine establishments across Portland in both public and private venues.

A few of these in Portland include:

McMenamins Kennedy School

Dots Restaurant – SE Clinton and 26th

Pizza A Go Go – NE Williams at Cook

Interstate Light Rail Line – Kenton Station Train Platforms, Portland

prAna store, NW 23rd and Irving

Maryville Nursing Home, Beaverton


This will be Mary’s third time showing her amazing mosaics at Redux.


**She will also showcase a collection of her photographs around back at the “24-7 Photo Gallery”. 

Mosaics, lamps and photos will exhibit for two full months in August-September, with an Opening Reception Aug 1st, 6-9:30pm.


Portland artist IAN ANDERSON’S lush, surrealist works are often highly detailed, intimate works in gouache and graphite or charcoal. With this show he will unveil a new group of black and white illustrations.

His themes visualize chaos, conflicts and disorder inherent in life as a means in gaining insight into the nature of beings and their complex interactions.
He explains, “… Dualistic narratives take shape [and] opposing forces are typically revealed: Life and death, good and evil, man and beast, predator and prey, war and peace. These dreamlike and often nightmarish fables reflect an outward and subconscious view of man and his destructive role in this world. Through this lens, my own place in these mostly impossible scenarios can be triangulated, and I am on my way to resolving the confrontation and understanding the need for such destruction.”

Check out these original works up close and personal, on display for two months at REDUX, in June & July, 2014. 
Opening Reception is First Friday, June 6th from 6-9:30pm.
811 E. Burnside st #110



Artist Statement:  Noelle Barce

Epochal Void is a moment of time which is pure potential.  It is existing simultaneously in states of detachment and attachment to personal identity, which is a personal expression of our experience of time. My interest lies in that which exists outside of time.  This void is the state which precedes all creation.  By nature, it is abstract; we depend upon metaphor to describe it.  It is represented as the Fool card in the Tarot.  The Fool is numbered zero;  it is not completely nothing, but an emptiness awaiting fulfillment.  It is the dark, mercurial sea.

I’ve been told that we humans do not create from a void, but rather from chaos, from an amalgamation of environmental factors which surround us everyday of our lives.  The experience of void, of being outside of time and space, makes itself available through the creative impulse.  It is the ambiguous state of constantly becoming.  Even with this awareness, we cling to our money, possessions, territories, identities. Linear time is a construct which fuels the belief that our memories are historical, and that the future can somehow be controlled.   It is futile.

Much of my illustrative work employs iconic, mystical imagery, and figures involved in narrative cycles which depict a journey toward, and experience of, awakening.  My abstract work explores the concept of futility, of ordered systems and structures breaking down, geometric shapes and patterns falling into chaos.  I work mostly in ink, watercolor, colláge, and print, specifically etchings on copper, woodcut relief, and monotype.

 Show Opens at REDUX on April 4th and runs for two months through the end of May.  Opening Reception is 6-9:30 pm  on First Friday, April 4th.

For more information about commissions, collaborations & other projects, contact Noelle Barce:

follow on Instagram


Drawing on a visual style influenced by classic fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and other old pulp sci-fi paperbacks, Adam Burke has come to create works that immediately stand out and are easily identifiable as his own.  He has done show posters, record album covers and many other commissioned paintings in watercolor or acrylic for many Pacific NW bands.

In his Own Words:

“As a kid, I was introverted, lost in dinosaur books, science magazines, my rock collection and the woods of the Pacific Northwest. To pass time, I’d sit down with a pencil and draw the things I loved, letting my imagination wander. This was a central focus of my young life, and a motivator for much of what I would explore as I grew up. I went to school for art, but as my adult responsibilities grew, I let drawing fall away, and spent less time in the woods. I told myself I’d return when I was older.

Things didn’t go quite as planned. Through a series of events, some beautiful, some heart-rending, all of them profound, I found myself fundamentally changed, and I knew I had to do what I loved. So I started drawing again. And painting again. And being in the woods. I let my imagination go where it would.

My work reflects a love of the natural world and a sense of wonder at the spectrum of possibility. But I also embrace harshness, strangeness and awfulness. Darkness/light/terror/beauty are a part of my art because I’ve had a taste of life’s polarities. A little boy’s imagination, thrown into the big world.”

For more information or custom work inquiries, go to his website Nightjar Illustration

Adam installs several of his original paintings at Redux in April/May with compatriot Noelle Barce.

Opening Reception is First Friday in April, 6-9:30pm on April 4th, 2014


Artist bio:

Joseph Valentino was born in San Diego, CA in 1975 and taugh himself to draw at age 4. He never paid attention in the majority of his high school classes during his junior and senior years and somehow still managed to graduate. Attended community colleges in Portland, Oregon and Tucson, Arizona studying printmaking, life drawing and print design. Has been keeping a blog ( documenting day to day life, sketches, short stories and thought poems since May of 2010. When not drawing, he also records and performs music under the moniker Neglect ( and has been releasing material of this project since 2005. This is his fourth solo show.



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