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Lumafina is a small line of jewelry and art objects designed by Hilary Alexander. Formed by a life-long addiction to jewelry-making (macaroni noodle necklaces anyone?) and traditional art practices, We design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment.  Lumafina comes from mixing a couple of our favorite words, Luminous and fine. Lumafina embraces the quirks and surprises of metalsmithing which make it such a grand line of work., We are slightly fascinated with shapes and draw upon them for inspiration and the creation of our lines. Evolving and exploring new mediums and techniques adds depth and a sense of the unexpected.  The ability to create is meant to be supremely joy-giving and grounding, and that is what we strive to reflect in our work.

Hilary Alexander hales from Portland, Oregon. Longing to work with her hands and see some of the designs in her sketchbook come to life, she decided to take a class on how to wield a torch and hammer without losing one’s hand (or burning the place down). She quickly fell in love with metalsmithing and has since launched lumafina, a successful jewelry line born in 2010. She lives on the outskirts of the city with her dear husband Aaron and wee boy Henry, where cooking, container gardens, pieces of art (Aaron is an illustrator and cartoonist) and baby-boy things thrive happily.


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