As many of you know, The New York Times puts out a sweet little travel guide called ’36 hours’ a whirlwind tour featuring highlights of a city they wholeheartedly recommend, worth a read should you find yourself in said city and want to get the true flavor of it. Way back in August of 2011 we were visited by a pair of enthusiastic reporters and their cameraman and they proceeded to take some lovely snaps of our little Boutique & Gallery, blogging complimentary goodness on this Travel Blog,  the benefits of which we have been reaping ever since.  Check out the lineup of their recommended stops, Redux is listed at ‘noon on Saturday’ as the first boutique not to be missed in the Lower Burnside area.  Of course Nationale & Sword + Fern are still our awesome neighbors, and also notable stops are Haunt, Bombshell Vintage, Modo, Victory, Hatties Vintage and Rock & Rose. We continue to get customers from all per the world as a result of this write-up!

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