We will be showcasing the sculptural works of Tera Stenzel for the months of February and March but are kicking off the start of her show with an after hours party!

Join us for the opening reception of this fantastic local artist from 6-9:30 during

First Friday Feb 3rd, 2017.

There will be a lot of other events going on in the neighborhood, so make a night of it! Wine, beer, light snacks and great time provided 🙂

// About The Work //
Tera Stenzel’s Mushroom People first appeared in the 2015 Magic & Mystery Show at Manzanita’s Hoffman Center for the Arts. Stenzel says, “Mushrooms are an amazing part of our ecosystem; they keep everything in balance. There are no two mushrooms alike,much like humans, so maybe we’re not so different after all. Through humor and whimsy, Stenzel asks the world: “Couldn’t we use a bit more magic in our lives?”

// About The Artist //
I am a self-taught artist from the Midwest; I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 10 years ago and I’ve been in love ever since.

Life, nature and humor have always influenced my art. I gravitate more towards the three dimensional. I like creating something that has mass and life to it–a piece you can look at and think up endless storylines for.

I work with a range of mediums, including: acrylic paint, raw wool, yarn… old siding from a house. I like repurposing discarded materials and try to incorporate them as much as possible. I use Sculpey for all sculpted work, but don’t use molds so each piece has its own personality.

Ever since I was little I liked making things. I just want to create and if people find joy in what I do, then gravy.