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Opening Reception: June 7th, 2019, 6-9pm

at Redux Boutique and Gallery

811 E. Burnside st #116

Portland, OR

We at Redux always feature local artists in our Gallery shows, and love to highlight women artists, and women’s issues. The theme this month features Women Icons, and highlights the literal or imagined magic that powerful women make.  We have asked four local women artists to create portraits of their favorite iconic females they admire, either real or imagined. Referencing powerful historical, literary, artistic or revolutionary public figures, as well as quieter , more personal spiritual manifestations. 

This month’s show is near and dear to our hearts, honoring the lady leaders, movers, makers and shakers, both historical and current, who inspire us in so many ways. Lady icons give us strength and motivation, they show us that even in the face of challenge and adversity, women are ultimately tough and resilient, insightful and natural creators, teachers and leaders. 

Running a women-owned and operated business for the past 12 years, has taught us to look to our fore-mothers and compatriots, and learn from their successes, their failures, their challenges and triumphs, in order to be more insightful, efficient and kinder role-model to our younger generations.  We have the privilege to speak about and celebrate other women icons we admire in this show that honors the spirit and unique perspectives that females bring to the forefront.  

Featuring four amazing Northwest artists celebrating their feminine idols in portrait form.  Subjects range from the well-known to the obscure; we are so looking forward to seeing who they select as their influential women icons from the past or present who have inspired them as artists.


Caitlynn Abdow

Michele Maule

Roxanne Zuniga Blackwood

Zabrina Fine Art


Join us for the opening reception, or throughout the two-month duration of the show in the gallery, or view it online in it’s entirety. Our online gallery goes live on First Friday, June 7th.

check it out here:


“Medusa”, 2019


Caitlynn Abdow was born and raised in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts and spent her childhood exploring the outdoors, dusty old art history books, and illustrated dictionaries. In 2008 she achieved a bachelors degree in Painting and Art History at the University of Massachusetts. That same year she moved to Portland, Oregon where she now resides and works as a painter, tattooer and illustrator. Caitlynn Abdow is an award winning and published artist having shown in over 30 fine art gallery exhibitions nationwide. Her art focuses on a visual language of ancient and contemporary symbolism while featuring a naturalistic color palette. Caitlynn works primarily with oil paints and watercolors to render figurative and narrative works.  When she’s not working on paper, canvas or skin, she can be found rambling around the deserts of Central Oregon.


“Patti Smith” , 2018


Michele Maule graduated from Portland State University in 2007 with her degree in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. She likes to use various mediums to work with, but she is most well known for her gouache illustrations of Portland. She also enjoys oil painting and printmaking. She lives in the Cully neighborhood with her two dogs and her husband.

“Kali and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” 2019


Zabrina is an Indiana Girl living in Portland, Oregon, for 19 years and she misses the wild Midwest summer thunderstorms with all her heart.

Growing up in a family of talented creatives, artistic pursuits were always encouraged. In 2006, Zabrina became the first woman in her family to earn a college degree (B.S. Painting and Drawing from Portland State University). Today, she continues to benefit from the generous influence and inspiration of her many working artist friends and contemporaries.

She paints in acrylics, occasionally adds in mixed media, and loves to experiment with color and compositional tension.

Lately, she draws inspiration from the theme of power —

the power of love,

the power of the fierce feminine,

the power of the natural world,

the power of perseverance, mystery, mythos and beauty,

the power of facing the darkness with light.

She loves to explore the nostalgia of small everyday trinkets that carry power in the tender meaning we give to them.

For the last nine years, Zabrina has been working to recover from health challenges related to her central nervous system. While it slowed her body and sometimes her sunny outlook, it did not slow her inspiration.

Even when she can’t see the light, Zabrina is always looking for it…

Iris Apfel, 2019


Roxanne Zuniga Blackwood is a Mexican-American visual artist residing in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two daughters and a menagerie of pets. She has been creating and exhibiting art for the past 18 years. She was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and spent over a decade in the Silicon Valley before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2010. She works with oils, acrylics, and water media on canvas & paper.  Her work is multifaceted & eclectic. She enjoys melding and mashing up imagery to tell visual stories and is especially interested in investigating the concept of courage (to fully be a self-actualized & multidimensional individual) as well as exploring notions of divergence, hybridity, and the cycles of life.