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featuring original works by

Heidi Davis
Tripper Dungan
Lisa Laser
and Amelia Opie

Opening Reception

April 6th, 2018

811 East Burnside St. #116
Portland, Oregon

Locals know all about the Magical Wonderland that is Portland in the Spring, and this show is all about the inspiration that four PDX artists will find and bring forth in a very special show opening up at Redux Gallery, April 6th from 6-9pm.
Entitled “A WILD HARE”, the theme brings forth surreal Easter-y musings that inform our playful, colorful, and creative souls.Swing by for the Opening reception or catch it at some point before closing, at the end of May. show runs two months.All the work will go live on First Friday in our Online Gallery, alongside other recent shows currently represented, where you can visit specific pieces or artists and even purchase some older unsold works long after the show closes.

“Not so Lucky”  Tripper Dungan

Tripper Dungan:

Tripper Dungan was born in Santa Barbara, California. At the early age of 4 he got in trouble for coloring in his brothers He-Man coloring book. He hasn’t stopped making art since.

Tripper attend the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts and International Studies. this is where he received the bulk of his art training. After a short stint in SanDiego Tripper hitchhiked up to Eugene to pursue his art. In Eugene Tripper met DIY fashion designers, film makers, fire dancers, amateur circus performers, DJs, musicians, puppeteers, fairies, baristas, and freaks. Needless to say college didn’t hold his attention for long.

Tripper has been a part many local art events such as Portland’s Holocene’s annual mini golf design competition, where he made a 7 foot tall robot head to hit your golfball into. He made a temporary moving mural of a woodsman playing a ukulele at the Goodfoot lounge. Whenever the men’s room door opened the woodsman’s arm strummed the weed wacker strings on the 11 foot ukulele. At a show at screaming sky he hand carved a totem pole as part of show about animal tales. just to name a few.

Tripper is currently showing in galleries across the country and slinging art at heavily curated craft shows on the west coast. He even sometimes picks up the odd graphic design job for local independent record labels, websites, people that want a design for a tattoo, HUB brewing, and weekly papers like the Portland Mercury. His art has been featured on the cover of the Portland Mercury a handful of times.

Tripper is often working away on one art project or another late into the night as his wife and daughter dream sweetly in their beds.

IG:   @trippers



“Hot Tub” Amelia Opie

Amelia Opie :

Amelia was was raised with 3 siblings and a myriad of all kinds of animals in rural Pennsylvania by loving parents who were both artists.

Her mother was an animal lover and advocate and kept a steady stream of various rescued and fostered animals flowing through their home. In addition to to the rescued animals, their family also had the usual assortment of cats, dogs, horses and guinea pigs, etc. The artistic talents of her parents provided a great influence and encouragement towards her creative pursuits.

Her earliest experiences as an artist and animal lover have clearly influenced her paintings today. Amelia usually paints anthropomorphic animal(s) in a semi rural setting. She loves a fantasy themes and generally doesn’t paint with a great deal of realism, because of the limitless possibilities of fantasy painting; ANYTHING can happen. Dogs can fly! Cats can wear clothing!

She studied painting at Tyler School of Art, and U.C. Davis, moving to Portland in 1994, where she found a home in the vibrant eclectic city.

She is now married and lives in SE Portland with her husband and autistic son, soon graduating from high school. Raising a special needs person has been the biggest challenge of her life, but for some cosmic reason, she feels she was the right person for the job.

IG:  @threepawprints



“Jack Rabbit Slims”  Lisa Laser

Lisa Laser:

 I love to paint. I love to take things out of context and rearrange them.  I like black coffee, Reading, binge TV, dancing, OIL paint, acrylic paint, banging on things, getting dirty, bones and antlers, old photographs, BIG hair, and furry 70’s porn.  I prefer to walk.  I like music loud  music or complete silence when I’m working.  Best things: bougainvillea, limes, the ocean, rivers, forests, bright buildings, funny people, cats, dogs, 72* Fahrenheit,  and skinny dipping.

I mostly paint but have begun to work more on sculptural wood pieces. My current series involves secret boxes,  animal towers and assembled triptychs. The boxes appear as towers but come apart to reveal hiding places.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my two kids and three cats. Please follow me on lisabunnylaser@instagram. Or check out my badly maintained Etsy site: LisaLaserArt. I currently show at Sidestreet Gallery, Portland Oregon and Stewart Jones Design, Joseph, Oregon and work with Siren Nation on art events in Portland.

Instagram:   lisabunnylaser



Heide Davis:

Heide Davis is a painter living in Portland, Oregon. She is originally from Houston, TX where she attended the Art Institute of Houston and Glassell School of Art, MFAH.
Her work as a specialty finisher ( ) and muralist has influenced her use of materials and encouraged experimentation in mixed media.
She is currently using and oils to create abstract landscapes and figurative work.