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Join us for our upcoming group show called


created by four local artists who like to modify found art with delightful details of their own.

Show opens this First Friday, Feb 7th, and runs for two months through March 2020

Featuring Northwest parody artists:

Courtney Hiersche takes unwanted art from thrift stores and brings them back to life with fan art parodies. Her goal is to make the unloved loved again. Every attempt is made to mimic the original style and colors of the found art with the intention of the parody additions blending in seamlessly and creating a double-take to the viewer. She loves the challenge of changing her style up with each painting and color matching old art. Each re-painting is done by hand with acrylic paint. Both prints of her work and original altered paintings can be found on Etsy. Follow and like her on Facebook!



Sad Inc./Recycled Sadness are the collaboration of two Portland artists creating de-motivational paintings, hand-lettered by Tyler Spencer then screen-printed onto found Goodwill paintings by Rob Campbell. 

TYLER SPENSER was born in Hermiston, Oregon and spent the majority of his formative years in Castle Rock, WA…he would not recommend either.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Portland State University, after spending several years doing freelance design, photography and video work, primarily in the burlesque and sketch comedy communities. Tyler enjoys being paid to push pixels around a screen. More of his graphic design work can be seen at

ROB CAMPBELL co-owns a T-shirt screening company out of Milwaukie, Oregon called Shirt Nerdery. They do custom screen printing on T-shirts, as well as upon other strange and wonderful items, if asked real nice. Check them out at

Hayley B. Dixon learned to paint by designing and constructing sets for the University of Oregon’s theater department. She stumbled upon upcycling online and loved the idea of improving discarded and unwanted art. She grew up immersed in pop culture and is a self-professed nerd. In her free time, you can find her at thrift shops and yard sales, staring at paintings and imagining what they can become.

In her personal life, Hayley Dixon is an amateur cosplayer, a competent photographer, and a master foodie. She’s 33, an Aries, and doesn’t believe in astrology. She is lactose tolerant and computer illiterate. Hayley is able to sleep for 14 hours straight. In 2019 she was Voted Most Likely to Lie About Being Given an Award. Her hobbies include going to craft stores and buying craft supplies for projects she never completes. Buy her art; support her dreams of amassing more unfinished craft projects. Check out her work on Etsy and follow her on Instagram; @hbdixon!

Tamara Azriel Goldsmith is the proprietor of Redux Boutique, a jewelry boutique and gallery in the heart of the Central Eastside in Portland, OR. She has brought together hundreds of artists and promoted their work as an ongoing call to support the lesser-known maker of wonderful oddities in the Pacific Northwest since 2006.

She was inspired for this show to submit some pieces of her own which are oozing sweetness, sass and whimsy. After scoring a collection of vintage Goodwill plates, she decided to caption each one with all the feels she saw that each of these beasts encapsulated. Each is one of a kind and ready to be adopted into their forever homes!!  Follow all of Redux’s shenanigans on Instagram @reduxpdx, like on Facebook and drop by the Redux Gallery page or website for more info!

opening reception is this

First Friday Feb 7th from 6-9pm

at Redux gallery
811 East Burnside st #116
Portland, OR



@recycledsadness @hbdixon