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SKIN DEEP GROUP SHOW featuring 9 amazing local tattoo artists. Celebrating the contemporary artistry of some of Portland’s finest tattoo artists, we are stoked to bring you a show demonstrating Portland’s continued knack for smashing conventions and elevating tattoo artistry to extraordinary heights.

811 East Burnside st. #116
Portland, OR 97214

Emmanuel Hele – Rosewater Tattoo
Lynn Marie – Rosewater Tattoo
Em Greenseth – elmpixie Tattoo
David Stein – Grizzly Tattoo
Rebecca Flaum – Oak Iris Tattoo
Agnes Hamilton – Hive Tattoo
Joshum Hardy – Evolved Arts
Brianna Belong – Evolved Arts
Jessica Helmke – Infinity Tattoo

Portland is a well known hot-spot for some of the most incredible tattoo artistry in the world. Famous tattoo artists live here and many aspiring ink fans flock here for apprenticeships, conventions, and of course; appointments to get work done. We have asked several talented artists to share some of their favorite pieces on paper, as seen before they were translated to skin, giving them an opportunity to show the public a side of the craft that is not normally seen. Don’t miss this rare glimpse inside the sketchbooks of some of the most revered tattoo artists in town. We will have both framed originals as well as prints available at the show and in our online gallery in August and September, 2019. We also welcome Opening Night show-goers bring work on their person to show off.

>>Since the late 1800’s, seafaring settlers pioneered the early history of Portland, Oregon and defined the seedy central Willamette port-city as a tattoo hub. In the inner west side of Burnside street, packed with saloons and known for it’s debaucherous vices of all varieties, the American tattoo scene of the Pacific Northwest was born. It’s from this fascinating but scandalous history that tattoo artistry has evolved into what it is today, celebrating a diverse array of techniques combining stylistic influences like realism, watercolor and surrealism, and also borrowing from a wide variety of much older cultural traditions like those of tribal and Japanese origins as well.

What better place than a Central Eastside Gallery like Redux to bring together a collection of unusual and contemporary works by celebrated artists of our time to illustrate how far the art of tattooing has come.

Check out our online Gallery:
on opening reception day for all artworks available for purchase, or swing by the Gallery during the month of AUGUST and SEPTEMBER to see the work up close and personal.

PC: thanks to Lynn Marie for use of her butterfly tattoo image !