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1a a state of resting after exertion or strain; especially rest in sleep
b eternal or heavenly rest 
2a a place of rest
b peace, tranquility 
c a harmony in the arrangement of parts and colors that is restful to the eye
3a lack of activity quiescence
b cessation or absence of activity, movement, or animation 
4composure of manner poise

This fall, Redux Gallery is pleased to present a very special group show, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the ALS Association of OR/WA. 

This show’s theme investigates difficult topics surrounding Death. It includes subject-matter related to the complex issues related to living with terminal illness like ALS, and also other death related topics surrounding the planning and inevitability of death, the grieving process and the importance of talking openly in coming to terms with end-of-life decisions.

We are asking invited artists to face their mortality and express thoughts on different ways that cultures and people grieve and think about death. It’s about celebrating a life well lived, but also about rejecting the notion that these are negative or taboo topics to be avoided. We all deserve a “Good Death” and encourage others within this public forum to  actively discuss the nature of grief, estate planning, ritualistic and commemorative celebration, traditions and burial practices popularized by both cultural norms and by the death industry as well as socially responsible alternative practices, and the importance of educating yourself about the options for you and your family when it’s time.

This show is dedicated to co-curator, friend and artist, Vashti Ross, will be in attendance at the show. Vashti is in her third year of living with ALS, and is excited to help oversee the event, contribute ideas and help raise awareness about ALS and some of the issues people with terminal and degenerative illnesses have. Please also check out Vashti Ross’s blog, which she has been contributing to since she was diagnosed. It’s a truly humbling and enriching experience. If interested, Here is where you can sponsor her for the ALS walk here in Portland on September 23rd.

We will also have a short discussion at 8pm introducing several of the participating artists  and inviting them to give short talks outlining the inspiration for their work within the show. Later we will open up for a public forum to anyone wishing to share their thoughts or stories.

We will also have copies on hand for sale of  “Morbid Curiosity“, the engaging trivia-style game and wonderful educational tool that can really help you and yours talk about all things death-related. Questions presented within the game offer encouragement to share thoughts, experiences, and humor. They also challenge one’s historical, factual, mythological, and cultural knowledge. We will be bringing guests a “Morbid Curiosity Moment” where we periodically read through a few throughout the event as discussion topics.

Here are the 16 contributing artists for the show:

Casey Capell

Mike Wellins

Heidi Elise Wirz

Kendra Binney

Helen Mask

Alea Bone

Alison Greyson

Emily Brown

Anneke Wilder

Kirsten Moore

Mavis Leahy

Mary Coleman

Isaac Fletcher Weiss

Brent Wear

Robyn Lee Williams

Lisa Laser

We are honored to present such fine artists for such a wonderful cause and hope that even if you cannot make it to the First Friday opening reception in person, you might consider stopping in sometime in Oct/Nov; show runs until Thanksgiving.

On Opening Day, all artwork will also be

posted and available for sale here in our online gallery.