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//First Friday Group Show //


Girls of Summer: Art Inspired by Love

Alea Bone

Stephanie Brockway

Heide Davis

We are so excited for this months First Friday Featured Group Show,

Girls of Summer: Art Inspired By Love”

This collective show features the work of three incredible local artists who specialize in mixed media, painting and creative repurposing.

There will be prints available as well as amazing original creations fashioned from wood, metal, paint and canvas.

Don’t miss this inspiring  two and 3-D imagery from Portland’s own female power-trio!

Stop by the shop on opening night to COOL OFF in our fabulous A/C (brrrr!!!) and set your eyes on some amazing art,

schmooze with your friends at the ‘Dux and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack on us!

Stephanie’s words:
As an Artist who carves wood and paints. I’m part anthropologist, part collector.

I don’t set out to recycle or upcycle, as much as I can hold an object and see possibilities. I’m driven to build or create something where there once was nothing.. A common thread is unexpected colors or materials. I am easily bored, if I’m not challenging or pushing myself. Creating a problem that needs solving.
My paintings are loose, layered bold colors and brush strokes
The worn discarded fragments , used for many years, layers of paint telling their story. It’s exciting to see what emerges. Wood carving is a subtractive medium; unforgiving. Each piece of wood is a bit of a mystery, with different grains and ages, each presenting the challenge I crave.
I strive for craftsmanship and try to elevate the forgotten, into an heirloom.
My style is primitive, naive with touches of urban, destruction and decay creeping in.
I seek simplicity, in a world that is too often mass produced and violated

BoneWerx by Alea Bone is mixed-media assemblage art made from found objects and upcycled materials.
What started as an Eco-conscious effort to rescue cast off ephemera from gutters and landfills, has
grown into an exploration of the stories that discarded objects have to tell, specifically: Bottle caps.
The aim is to elevate unexpected materials and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane,
high brow and outsider art. It is my intention to create an edgy and irreverent version of a new American folk art.

Heide Davis is a painter living in Portland, Oregon.

She is originally from Houston, TX where she attended the Art Institute of Houston and Glassell School of Art, MFAH.

Her work as a specialty finisher and muralist has influenced her use of materials and encouraged experimentation in mixed media.

She is currently using Acrylic and oils to create abstract landscapes and figurative work.