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a group benefit show this First Friday in October/November 2017

It is with great pleasure that Redux announces our upcoming benefit group show entitled “FELINE FAMILIARS”. This show will be in appreciation of felines, and will recognize black cats in particular, with half of the proceeds benefitting CAT, (the Cat Adoption Team) a feline only no-kill shelter in Sherwood, OR.

We are honored to make this announcement on Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th, and encourage folks to visit the CAT website for more information on how to adopt black cats with no fees today!

*Thanks to Jenna Barton for use of your image for show promotion!

A bit about the show:
The theme and title concept harkens back to a time when witches were thought to keep black cats as their “familiars”. Unfortunately this has created a superstition in modern-day society that associates black cats as “unlucky” and thus has had a significant impact on the adoptability of black cats. We hope to raise awareness on the topic, as well as have fun with the obvious playful potential in doing a cat themed show. We also hope artists will rise to the challenge of retaining the dark and moody feel of the October/November time-frame within their pieces, as well.
For this 2-month show, an opening reception will be held 6-9pm at Redux Gallery on October 6th, and the show will run through the end of November, 2017.

We will also have a photobooth by PARTY CAT, a Portland based photobooth featuring handmade backdrops and props. You better believe there is gonna be some adorable Halloween and black cat themed props for this one!

We have 37 participants all creating at least one piece for the show, the majority are based in the Pacific NW. the following show links to their online presence as well as their Instagram handle:

Agnes Hamilton
Alea Bone @aleabone
Alex Fletcher @Paleocat
Alicia Justus @theamazingjustus
Amelia Opie @threepawprints
Apaki (Ayumi, Aaron & Aki)@apakstudio
Beth Myrick  @yeahrightokay
Brent Wear @brentwear / @fancy_mammal
Casey Capell @wolfteacreations
Cate Anevski @beeskneesindustries
Dominic De Venuta @kungfutoast
Eling Chang @elingeling
Emily Brown @birdmafia
Emily Small  @beetleinkco
Heidi Elise Wirz @heidielisewirz
Isabela Fawn @fawnisabela
Jesse Reno @jessereno
Jessie Fox-Nystrom @whatifcreations
Kendra Binney @kendra_binney
Kevin Cascell  @kcascellcollage
Kirsten Moore @piperewan / @fancy_mammal
Lea Barozzi @leabarozzi
Michele Maule  @michelemaule
Mike Wellins @peculiarium
Miranda L. Tarrow @mrrranda
Morgaine Faye @morgaine_faye
Nanette Wallace @nanettewallace
Paige Cambern @redbird_props
Pamela Davis @pameladavis333
Renee Staeck @renazerbean
Shana Lee Hampton @shanaleehampton
Shawn Hampton @8bit0
Stephanie Brockway @stephaniebrockway
Susan Freedman @susan.freedman
Tera Stenzel @terastenzel
Tripper Dungan @tripperd
Wendi Anderson @wanderingwonton


(posted regularly now until showtime on our Instagram and Facebook pages.)

RSVP for the event on Facebook here!

A bit about the benefit:
Half of the total proceeds shall go towards the benefit. Redux will donate at least half of it’s portion as well as many of the participating artists.

The mission of the CAT adoption team is to save the lives of homeless, unwanted, sick, and injured cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats.

Currently they achieve this mission by
• Providing shelter, medical care, evaluation, and treatment to cats who have become homeless
• Finding homes for the cats and kittens in our care
• Providing people who care for cats with resources, education, and support to help keep human-animal bonds strong and prevent cats from becoming homeless
• Offering low-cost spay/ neuter services to cat owners in need to prevent the births of unwanted litters
• Working closely with other animal organizations to implement projects and programs that positively impact cats at a community and regional level