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Redux Boutique has put gallery events on hold for the foreseeable future.

“Forest Floor series” by Claire Carkulis


This extraordinary work of these talented makers, will be on display for two months, in April and May at Redux Gallery. Join us for an opening night on the First Friday in April as we gather to meet this collection of tiny companions, fantastical beasts, precious talismans and art objects, as well as the artists who made them.

Amanda Sue Meyers

Baby Dear Harvest – Trish & Megan

Beth Grimsrud

Claire Carkulis

Diana Crites

Geri Jarvis

Jen Hill

Kirsten and Betty Moore

Lindsay Jaramillo

Margaret Meyer

Melissa Laureen Thomas

Stephanie Brockway


process shot by Stephanie Brockway

“Dolls and doll making have a rich history in virtually every culture, and hold an enormous variety of meanings for both the maker and collector. 

A vast range of form and function of dolls across cultures resulting in everything from Matyroyshka dolls to voodoo dolls. Traditionally in western culture, dolls primarily offered lessons to girls and young women about femininity and maternity. Mass produced and marketed dolls were products of the patriarchy, reinforcing gender stereotypes and contributing to the overall socialization, commercialization and sexualization of girlhood in the 20th century.

Dolls have long encouraged play among children of all ages, been coveted by collectors within every class system, and often represent a complicated framework of symbolism and societal relationships. 

We live in an exciting time where artists can express not only a mastery of technical prowess utilizing unusual combinations of unique materials, but also have the freedom  to reinvent new and complex ideas regarding identity, class, politics and culture and revise traditional notions of beauty and gender.  

In this show, each artist has a very different way of expressing their perspective through either doll artistry itself, or using the dolls in unusual ways within their art. We can see modern day themes emerge, laden with pop-cultural and socio-political references, but still rooted in a rich tradition that dolls and doll making have established. 

We invite this curated group of participating artists to use this show as an opportunity to explore and push all traditional boundaries of gender, race, age, class, species and representation to challenge the status quo through their unusual art form.”

Diana Crites pictured with one of her dolls

Group Doll Show at Redux Gallery:


APRIL/MAY (duration is 2 months)
Opening Reception: April 3rd, 2020, First Friday 6-9PM
Location: Redux Gallery
811 E. Burnside St. #116,
Portland, OR

Instagram: @reduxpdx
Online gallery;
Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 11-7pm, Sun 11-5