We are stoked to announce the lineup of upcoming shows this winter 2014-2014 at Redux!

FEB 7th  // JOSEPH VALENTINO, illustration    (solo show)

APRIL 4th  //  ADAM BURKE + NOELLE BARCE, etching, linocuts, painting      (double bill)

JUNE 6th  //  IAN ANDERSON,  gouache, prints     (solo show)

>> 24-7 Photo Gallery- BRIANA CEREZO, photography (solo show)

AUGUST 1st  // MARY TAPOGNA, mosaics   (solo show)

OCT 3rd  //  LIV RAINEY-SMITH, Woodblock prints  (solo show)

>> 24-7 Photo Gallery- TYLER BOLEN, Photography (solo show)

DEC 5th  //  MICHELE MAULE, Watercolor, illustration and ink on paper (solo show)

>>24-7 Photo Gallery- OCTAVIA HUNTER, photography “Letting Go” series (solo show)

FEB 6th // DON LEE “Woodmapping” Wood- Engraved, painted topographical river maps of NW regions.

>> 24-7 PhotoGallery- SARAH LANDA, Photography, (solo show)